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General and Technical Questions

How can N-Acetylneuraminic Acid be used?
Presently the following studies have been carried out with sialic acid.
1. Anti-virus function
2. Anti-cancer function
3. Anti-inflammation function
4. Defensive function against bacteriological infection
5. Controlling ability of immune system
6. Restraining ability against pigmentation
7. Signal transformation in nerve cells

What is the shelf-life of the product I just bought?
Store tightly sealed in dark and on desiccated condition below 5 for at least one year. Hygroscopic. Following reconstitution, aliquot and freeze(-20). This product is stable for 2 years as supplied.

What is the purity of this product?
We have specifications that define the acceptable purity standards for our product. Our certificate of analysis describes the purity specification and the measured purity for the product. If you have received a product without a certificate of analysis, our Technical Assistance Department can usually provide you with purity data from specific production lots.

The box says "Freeze Upon Arrival" but it was at room temperature when it arrived. Is it OK?
For long-term storage, it is best if the product is frozen, but it is stable for the period of shipment even if it has warmed up to room temperature. Products can be shipped at ambient temperature for a short time to save shipping costs, and this does not result in any loss of product performance.

Do you know the solubility of our product?
Our product is soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and insoluble in diethyl ether.

You recommend desiccated storage. How do I keep this product desiccated?
Many people simply store their vials in tightly sealed jars with a desiccant layered on the bottom of the jar.

Definitions (What We Mean Is...)

What is sialic acid?
Generally sialic acid is a naturally widespread carbohydrate which is an essential constituent of many glycoproteins, glycopeptides and glycolipids with numerous biological functions, including blood protein half-life regulation, a variety of toxins neutralization, cellular adhesion, immunological antigen-antibody reaction and glycoprotein lytic protection. Sialic acid is a starting reagent of biochemical derivatives for the synthesis pharmaceuticals also.

What does "Special Packaging" mean?
"Special Packaging" may describe our product split into aliquots in multiple vials. We strongly recommend the multiple-vial Special Packaging for lab users because it reduces the chance for deterioration of the product due to moisture and light. For all products available in multiple-vial Special Packaging, the chances of losing all your materials due to a spill is greatly reduced and it is easier for several people in your lab to have their own vial.

Policies at JK Biotech

Can you give me the names of other people who use this product?
Because we value and respect the privacy of our customers, we will not give out their names. If there are published references available for the product or application that interest you, we encourage you to contact the authors or find out the references.

Can I have a free sample to see if this will work in my system?
It is not customary for us to give out free samples. But if you place a bulk order next time, the sample fee will be subtracted from the price of the next order. Usually a 1 kg order will receive 1 g free sample

Can I get a different quantity of this product?
Now the package of N-acetylneuraminic acid varies from 1g, 10g, 100g, 1Kg, 10Kg and bulk. Also, we strive to meet our customers' needs and will change the way we package a product if enough people want us to change it.

May I order a specific lot?
You may request a specific production lot of our product when you place your order, but we cannot guarantee it will still be in stock.

How long will it take you to deliver goods after receiving order?
Usually prepayment is required. In the case of small and medium quantity order, we will arrange the delivery within one day (except public holiday) once the prepayment is confirmed. In the case of large quantity order, the terms may be discussed further.




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